As the tech industry is undergoing one of its biggest paradigm shifts in its history, we are aligning our team's core competencies with what we see as being the next wave of personal computing: Intelligent Apps. We do this by combining our expertise in web development technologies with the latest advancement in the field of Machine Learning.

Stefan Szakal, [e-spres-oh] founder, dove into more detail on this subject, in his article.

The Right Mindset

Whether it is for our project-based clients or retainer-based partners, we always try to apply the same product-focused mindset, for achieving the right results. We work in small and independent teams, exactly for this purpose: foster ownership and passion for what is being built, while keeping a keen eye on the desired outcome, rather than get bogged down by the process.

UX/UI Design

We have expanded our capabilities to cover user experience and user interface design, to be able to offer a full product development solution to all of our clients.

App Development

Our focus is on technologies capable of rapid application development, and the latest UI frameworks best suited across mobile and desktop platforms.

Our preferred tech stack is: Angular, React for frontend; NativeScript, React Native for mobile UI; Node.js, Symfony, Laravel, Ruby on Rails for backend.

Our Services Presentation (PDF)

Find out more about the services we offer, especially the Intelligent Apps mentioned above. For any other information or if you have a specific question, don't hesitate to contact us.

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