In our 5+ years of existence, one thing hasn't changed: our unwavering belief in our team, our people. This guides all of our decisions, even if sometimes this might seem counterintuitive to some. We believe that putting our people first is the only way to achieve truly sustainable growth and a healthy company culture that is built on innovation and excellence.

If nothing else about us sticks, just remember that we are [e-spres-oh], by putting people first.

Useful Facts

[e-spres-oh] started in March 2012, as a single-project team. Since then, we grew into an IT service provider firm, and are now evolving into a web & product development company.

Our team is currently over 40 people that can cover design, development and product management, 85% of which have more than 6 years of experience.

Currently, we have offices in Timisoara and Oradea, Romania, but also work with people remotely.

We are strong believers of the flat organizational structure. We found that this way of doing things aligns far better with our vision. Read more about our flat way.

Company Presentation (PDF)

Find out more about us and what makes us unique, via this brief presentation. If you'd like to find out other specifics, don't hesitate to contact us.

[e-spres-oh] Shots

As a way to better present ourselves, we are putting together a series of short video clips, that we decided to call [e-spres-oh] Shots (get it? shots... espresso?). Enjoy!

Where We Work

It stands to reason that our work spaces reflect our way of doing things. It was important for us to stay away from the modern office buildings that lack any kind of soul and personality, and find old but beautiful spaces that we could make useful again. And we couldn't be happier with the results.

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