We are a digital development company, building medium to large scale web apps and online platforms using a multitude of technologies.

We are dedicated to building the smartest teams, for the smartest clients. To achieve this, we will be unyielding and unrelenting in the selection of our team mates as well as who we choose to do business with.

Useful Facts

  • We mostly work based on the "dedicated teams" model.

    Sometimes, we take on pro bono work as well.

  • We code in PHP, Java, JavaScript, among other things.

    We can also do QA & DevOps, if needed.

  • Our current team size is 54 people.

    We have 38 developers, 4 PMs, 5 QAs, 7 administration & support staff.

  • We use mainly Macs for work.

    And yes, we know our name is really difficult to spell.

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