Web Developer @ [e-spres-oh]

Location: Timisoara

Position Type: Full-time

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As a Web Developer at [e-spres-oh], you will work in one of the teams that have been brought together over the past five years. You will develop complex next-generation web apps, using the latest technologies.

We have a results-oriented and all hands on deck approach, so you will be able to participate in all the strategic discussions regarding the development roadmap, specs definitions and specific workload estimates.

You are the right candidate, if you have:

  • At least 3 years of experience in web programming
  • Hands-on experience with Angular 4 (used along with TypeScript)
  • Experience with wrappers for non-Angular plugins
  • Good knowledge of HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Bootstrap and Material Design
  • Experience with Progressive Web Apps
  • Good knowledge of responsive design (mobile-first approach)
  • Experience creating and running unit tests with Jasmine and E2E tests with Protractor
  • English fluency, both written and spoken

Experience with any of the following would be a big plus:

  • Google Analytics (key metrics understanding)
  • Google Optimize (MVT testing, A/B testing)
  • Laravel (with PHP 7.x) and other PHP frameworks (vBulletin/Drupal)
  • Spring (with Java 1.8) and Apache Solr
  • Backend integration and unit tests
  • Continuous integration (e.g. Circle CI)
  • Heroku, AWS, Docker (docker-compose) and Vagrant

We will offer you:

  • ✓ All the benefits and perks mentioned here
  • ✓ A results-oriented work environment, focused on collaboration
  • A "work-from-anywhere" policy, whether it’s 2 km or 2000 km away
  • ✓ A flexible work schedule that you can adapt to fit your needs
  • ✓ A highly-competitive pay, with periodical reviews
  • ✓ Training programs and certifications

If you have any questions regarding this position, please email us.
The interview process might include a code review session and / or technical challenge.

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